About the Book Walking into Alchemy

Exhausted and wounded after coping with redundancy and depression, Amelia Marriette suddenly found her life taking a turn for the better through a chance meeting with an Austrian born woman, Katie, with whom she was to find love. The couple relocated to Austria and Amelia set out on a journey both physical and spiritual, a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation through the exploration of nature, centred on her resolution to complete the same 13-mile (15-kilometre) walk through the hills, mountains and woods of beautiful Carinthia every week for a year. By the time that year was over, Amelia knew she had found healing, health, peace and true happiness. This is a book that stands testament to the power of walking as nature cure.

Amelia Marriette, Geierkogel, Carinthia, Austria. Image by Katie Gayle

About Amelia Marriette

Amelia Marriette was a Keeper of Art and a Curator. She was made redundant from her post and she was fortunate enough to relocate to Austria. Having time on her hands she began to walk and she soon realised that walking was the best cure she could possibly have found. Her interest in walking grew and became a passion – after a year of walking and two years of writing and researching her book Walking into Alchemy: The Transformative Power of Nature was published.

Amelia Marriette, Klippitztörl, Carinthia, Austria. Image Myriam Robveille

Visit Austria – Walk and Enjoy Home Comforts in a delightful Airbnb Home

Bad Sankt Leonhard throughout the seasons. Image Amelia Marriette

Why not come to Austria and walk with Amelia Marriette, author of the best-selling book Walking into Alchemy? The book was written in Bad Sankt Leonhard in Carinthia, Austria. Amelia hosts with her partner the artist, jeweller and metalworker, Katie Gayle who grew up in the town.


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